Buying, Builders & Process

Welcome to Old West Ranch! We’ve created a unique rural community where you can build your dream home and estate and enjoy a rural living experience like none other.  We are dedicated to helping you with the process.  Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions to assist you in the first steps.

  • Do I have to build within a certain period of time after buying the land parcel?
    • There are no time restrictions.  Once you start building, the Covenants ask that you complete that process within one year.
  • Is there financing available?
    • Yes! We have listed below some lenders who have financed land, construction and land/home packages in our community. Generally speaking, 80% financing is available with favorable terms.  We also have builders who will purchase the parcel for you, build your home on the parcel, then sell the completed package to you so you can close with one home loan.  Higher loan-to-value financing is possible.  If for some reason you are not able to secure the financing you are looking for, please ask us about Seller Financing for bridge and short-term options.
  • Do I have to use a certain builder?
    • You may use any builder you choose.  However, we have four Preferred Builders who are building in our community, and we recommend you contact them and see all of the plans, services and options they offer, so you can choose the builder that best suits you and who you feel comfortable with.
  • What can I do and cannot do in the community?
    • We have thoughtful and reasonable covenants that were designed for an enjoyable rural living experience. They protect the quality of the community, values, optics and an overall quality living environment.  The spirit of the covenants is: Be a good neighbor and enjoy good neighbors! We rarely hear a negative comment about any of the covenants.  A full set of covenants may be found on our website on the “Community Documents” page.


** Please visit our company website which has more info on other exciting projects:

We look forward to you becoming one of the fortunate residents within our One-Of-A-Kind Community!   Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if we can assist you further.